Starting the new term: Information for parents and students.

Simply Dance Academy

Welcome to Simply Dance Academy. We commence our new term 1.9.21

Our aim is for all new and existing students to be happy and safe when using our studios. We’ve a few guidelines, please give them a read:

Studio Space.

Just students to enter the studios please. Our teachers will be waiting for them and will see them to the exits at the end of their class.The teachers will bring the students out to the top yard at Earsdon and Wellfield Community Centre.

Please err on the side of caution if you think your child is sick and keep them at home. Encourage all little ones to go to the toilet before coming into class.

Parents of new starters in the Nursery Class- please see the teacher on arrival.


Earsdon and Wellfield Community Centre: We recommend you park on Front Street and walk round, or use the Car Park at the Centre. Please don’t park on Church Way.

Westmoor Primary School: First Car Park

Westmoor Community Centre: Parking at front of the venue.

Class Times  

The academy timetable can be found on our website

We try our best to accommodate everyone, but if times don’t work for your dancer, contact us – there may be options.

Students Personal Items.

Please limit what comes into the studio.

Dancers come dressed for class and leave your coats with adults if possible. Try to bring just dance shoes, water bottles and (optional) small toy for children in Nursery class.

Check all dance wear & shoes fit comfortably. Please label shoes and cardigans for the little ones.

Older dancers who travel to class alone, just a small bag please.


Nursery to Primary: a white sleeveless leotard with matching skirt, ballet socks or ballet tights, ballet shoes (preferably pink) and either white or silver tap shoes. A pink crossover cardigan (optional) is advisable for the colder weather.

Pre-Grade 1 and above: black sleeveless leotard with matching skirt, ballet tights, ballet shoes (preferably pink) and black tap shoes. A black crossover cardigan (optional) is advisable for the cold weather. Black leggings (optional) for Jazz.

Acrobatic Arts and Freestyle: smart active wear

All uniform items can be bought from our online shop  or from the local dancewear suppliers:  Gene & Rita (see Sarah) or The Dancer’s Pointe (see Linda)

We also have a supply of pre-loved shoes and dancewear. Let us know what sizes you need and you can have them if we have them. If you think someone else could use them again after you’re finished with them, simply hand them back.

We also supply hoodies (optional) with the Academy Logo on. You need to email text or phone if you’d like to purchase a hoodie.

Hoodies with logo and name (optional with no extra charge) Grey /Black /Pink 3-4yrs,5-6yrs,7-8yrs,9-11yrs, 12-13 yrs XS (34”-36”), S, M, L £25.75 Zipped Hoodies with logo and name (optional with no extra charge) Grey /Black /Pink 3-4yrs,5-6yrs,7-8yrs,9-11yrs, 12-13 yrs XS (34”-36”), S, M, L £26.75

Payment Methods.

We’ll email you an invoice when payment is due and would prefer that you make all payments online. We accept this isn’t always convenient so if you’d prefer to pay in cash, put the correct amount in a labelled envelope and get your dancer to hand it in at class.

Our Account details will be on any invoices emailed to you. No cheques please.

First Aid.

Should anyone become ill during class we’ll keep them in a separate area away from the group and call you directly. Please keep us updated with any changes to contact details and keep us informed about changes in your dancers physical and mental health so we can keep them safe and happy in the studio.

Contact Details.

Our preferred methods of communication are email, telephone and text. We’ll endeavour to get back to you if you choose another public platform or application, it just may take us a little longer as there are so many.

Remember to let us know whenever you change your contact details especially telephone numbers and email addresses.

We hope everyone enjoys their classes this year. We’ve the student’s best interests and safety at the forefront of our minds.

Kindest Regards,

The Simply Dance Academy Team

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