Ballet benefits everyone who trains in this discipline.

From the dedicated students to the ones who simply seek pleasure in classical dance.

Good posture, grace and fluidity of movement are only some of the benefits of this genre of dance.

Ballet always evokes the magic of theatre. This is why many children from an early age are drawn to it. Ballet takes the imagination of children and adults alike into a wonderful world of beautiful fairytales and storytelling. If your own little Prince or Princess would like to come along and learn all about this wonderful art, please contact Simply Dance Academy!

We humans learned to express our thoughts and emotions through movement and dance long before we were able to communicate by speech.

The origins of ballet can be traced back to the Renaissance period and the early court dances in both France and Italy. Any celebratory occasion, such as the birth of an heir or an influential marriage would call for social court dancing. All ladies and gentlemen of the court learned these rather intricate dances as part of their grooming for society.