Let’s Dance – Information for Sunday 20th March

Show Day Information for Sunday 20th March

On Sunday, please drop your dancer off via the Stage Door at the time shown here:

Saturday Grade 1,2 and Thursday Acrobatic Arts- 10.45 am

Saturday Pre- Primary and Primary 11.00 am

Saturday Pre-Grade 1 and Grade 3 – 11.15 am

Grade 4 and Grade 5 – 11.25 am

All chaperones to arrive with their own children 10 minutes before their child’s allotted drop off time.

No-one without authorisation is allowed backstage: Simply Dance Academy teachers, Chaperones and theatre staff only

Please provide your dancer with a snack/drink. No coloured drinks allowed in case of any accidents with costumes (we have no spare costumes).

Students will be cared for by our chaperones from the drop off time until the end of the 12 pm performance (approximately 2.30 pm) when they’ll be returned to parents and carers via the foyer so you can take them out of the theatre space for a break and something to eat. All children must be picked up at this point. Please be aware that the hand over to parents and guardians may take time so we ask that everyone remains patient. Your child’s safety is important to us.

All dancers need to return to the theatre via the stage door by 4.30pm ready for the 5.00 pm performance

Ensure your dancer has everything they need for both  performances (please refer to your costume email sent between 30.1.22 and 6.2.22). Put names in shoes, bags, coats etc. We don’t take responsibility for any property that is lost or mislaid.

All performers must arrive with their hair dressed for their first number. This is a ballet bun for the majority of dancers. All dancers should have a spare bobble, hair brush, hair pins and safety pins in their dance bag.

If you wish your child to wear a little make up then this should be done before they come to the theatre. We don’t recommend make-up for any students under Grade 2 level.

Mobile phones and other electrical devices are allowed backstage but must not be used for taking photographs or filming anywhere in the theatre without prior consent of the principal and theatre management. Child safeguarding and theatre regulations are very clear about this. Please remind your dancer before dropping them off.

Any costumes bought and paid for by parents, but sourced by us, will be given to your dancer to keep after the show and will be with them when they’re returned to you again via the foyer after the 5.00 pm performance (Approximately 7.30pm)

We hope everyone thoroughly enjoys the show😊