Let’s Face the Music and Simply Dance – 18th and 19th Feb 2012

Lets Face the Music and Simply Dance

Our shows at the People’s Theatre were seen by a 1600 plus audience over the 4 performances.

Everyone is buzzing about how professionally it was staged and the standard of the performances!

I have had many congratulatory e mails and cards.  Many of the parents wish me to pass on their thanks to the chaperones and older students who gave up their free time to help backstage. 65 chaperones were needed over the 4 shows. Thanks ladies.

Our programme sales were good and we raised £390 for the Charlie Bear Scanner Appeal in memory of Dale Weatherstone, father of Alex and Amy.

Apologies must go to Leah Marshall (Sat.. Little Mermaid and Jolly Holiday) and Poppy Anderson (Sun .. Little Mermaid) for their names being omitted off the cast list in the programme… Girls you were stars, as were all your classmates.

It only goes to say how grateful I am for the support of my staff and all the senior students for conducting themselves in such a caring professional manner. I am so proud of you.

The theatre staff commented how disciplined and well behaved we were as a school and the students knowledge of theatre protocol which would be of great help if they decided on a career in the entertainment industry.

To everyone my sincerest thanks,

Susan Bentley

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